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OTG Ski Goggles


Photochrom Polarized Lenses


Made in Italy
Frame Color: Black
Lenses: Photochromic Polarized Rose – OTG Tecnology
Other: Double Lenses
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width:173mm; Height: 88mm



TECHNO is an OTG (Over the Glasses) ski goggles with a special internal space to be used with your eyeglasses. To allow the sportsman or the simple enthusiast to focus solely on his performance and his emotions that accompany him during the exit. 

Generally when a skier who wears eyeglasses, chooses his own snow goggle, he looks for a multipurpose, which can be used in more atmospheric conditions possible, and then you find yourself wearing a ski goggle with lenses of strange colors that at the first exit one realizes that one plays more roles, but none in an optimal way. The choice can then fall on a ski goggle with replacement lenses, but it involves the problem of paying close attention to ultra-sensitive lenses at the time of change and if the weather changes to the day in progress, however, you are in trouble because you carry the lens of replacement is not always possible. The alternative is therefore the ski goggle with a Photochromic Polarized OTG lens that allows use with prescription glasses.

DMN has created the perfect ski goggle for use in all the typical light conditions of the mountain in the winter season for those who need to wear their eyeglasses: The lens changes the transmission characteristics while remaining perfectly polarized to increase contrast and comfort. When the sky is overcast or the track is poorly lit, or you have entered the wooded area, the lens is pink, high contrast. Mind to sun exposure generate chemical reaction by becoming dark allowing the eye to adapt better to the perfect view of the path.


Technical features:

The polarizing filter, is the key for the activation of the second photochromic filter, and allows to eliminate the transversal and indirect reflections of the sun on the ground, increasing the perception even against the light. On overcast days, the pink lens allows, through the high contrast created, to see every ripple of the ground, increasing visual safety. The double lens is equipped with anti-fog treatment that combined with the frame ventilation system prevents the formation of condensation on the inside caused by the difference in temperature. Providing a continuous pleasant feeling of relaxation for the eyes.

The frame is flexible, elastic and resistant to strong temperature changes or accidental bumps, with a particular structure to be used with its own optical frame. The double density inner sponge represents the top of ergonomics, and represents the excellence of fit Made in Italy. The adjustment of the 3D elastic in combination with the side wings allows TECHNO, the polarized photochromic ski goggle OTG for eyeglasses to adapt better to any type of helmet on the market.

Comes with a soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lens of your DMN ski goggles.

TECHNO is the solution for the skier, who uses eyeglasses and wants the best technology on the market to practice his favorite discipline in complete freedom of expression.

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