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Smoke Lenses

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Frame Color: Metallic Grey / Matt White / Yellow / Matt Black Yellow
Lenses: Smoke Mirror
Other: Double Lenses 
Included: Microfiber Puch
Sport: Ski – Snowboard
Size: Width:160mm; Height: 80mm

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Skiing on the slopes, off-slope and park are disciplines that have come a long way from the point of view of style in recent years. The “classic” clothing of the ski has become an explosion of colors and sizes, carried by the look of the snowboarders that generate the trend. From trousers, jacket, glove, helmet and finally with the snow mask. With the new generation of soft-eared helmets imported from snowboards, the look has to be completed with a super-mirrored ski goggle and with wider measures than the classic ski goggles. DEMON has created for fans of adrenaline by trick and speed CYLINDER, the super-mirrored mask for those who want to distinguish on the track at all times.


Technical features:


CYLINDER is the ultimate mask for those who practice on slope skiing, off-slope and freestyle skis in the park, in fact it is created by reducing to a minimum the frame and installing the double spherical lens to increase the field of view, allowing the athlete to see every obstacle present on the track.

The double lens with anti-fog treatment is a special lens that ensures greater resistance to shocks and prevents the annoying condensation effect caused by the thermal excursion between the heat of the face and the external temperature. The category 3 smoke color of the lens allows perfect visibility on very sunny days. In fact, in high mountains on sunny days very intense it is necessary a greater protection that only category 3 can offer, but it can still be used even on days of less intense sun.

The ventilation of  the frame provide the athlete with a constant sense of relaxation for the eyes, which is often lacking due to the use of ski mask that are not suitable for the very special conditions of the high mountain.

The soft inner sponge is the fulcrum, in fact it is made of ultras oft material to allow you to make the mask adhere to your face. In particular, the area of ​​the nose is treated to bring proper breathing and not to the unpleasant feeling when closed.

The elastic is adjustable for the best fit to your face in all circumstances, it is also embroidered with a 3D effect to be aesthetically perfect as well as functional.

CYLINDER is compatible with all ski and snowboard helmets with a soft ear, and is also compatible with classic helmets with a rigid ski ear.

CYLINDER is the choice of those who want to appear and feel PRO.

Comes with a soft microfiber case to protect against smears and clean the lens of your DEMON mask.


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Matt Black Yellow, Matt White, Metallic Grey, Yellow