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  • HotSlope and off-slope otg ski goggle


    Smoke Lenses


    Frame Color: Grey Red / Matt White / Matt Black Red / Yellow
    Lenses: Smoke Mirror
    Other: Double Lenses – OTG Tecnology
    Included: Microfiber Puch
    Sport: Ski – Snowboard
    Size: Width:173mm; Height: 103mm

  • Sale! slope and off slope skiing goggle with smoke lenses


    Smoke Lenses

    62.90 49.90

    Frame Color: Metallic Grey / Matt White / Yellow / Matt Black Yellow
    Lenses: Smoke Mirror
    Other: Double Lenses 
    Included: Microfiber Puch
    Sport: Ski – Snowboard
    Size: Width:160mm; Height: 80mm

  • Hot


    2 Lenses Included


    Frame Color: Black Blue / Black Red / White
     Smoke Mirror
    Other: Double Spherical Lenses
    Included: Additional Orange lens, Microfiber Puch
    Sport: Ski – Snowboard
    Size: Width:160mm; Height: 100mm

  • Sale! full lens ski goggle smoke lens for slope off slope and park


    Smoke Lenses

    69.90 55.90

    Frame Color: Metallic Grey / Matt Blue
    Lenses: Smoke Mirror
    Other: Double Lenses
    Included: Microfiber Puch
    Sport: Ski – Snowboard
    Size: Width:173mm; Height: 103mm



There are a wide range of different types of lenses on the market for ski goggles. Regardless of the practice of skiing, snowboarding or ski mountaineering it is essential to have knowledge and know how to choose the most suitable ski goggle for your discipline. Every activity and discipline have needs and need different characteristics to get the most out of their performance.
As regards ski goggles, there are different types of lenses that are more suitable for some atmospheric conditions than others, which can make the difference between an output of pure fun and one where concentration is often disturbed by the use of less suitable.

Why use a smoke lens in skiing, snowboarding and ski mountaineering?
The category 3 smoke lens used in ski goggles is a must for days with very intense light conditions. The lightness of this lens is the same as the common sunglasses we commonly use. It differs in a consistent way for the structure of the mask that blocks any vertical or lateral radius, ensuring that pleasant feeling of constant darkness that allows a great relaxation for the eyes even in conditions of blinding light caused by the strong glare of snow.
Using this type of smoke lens for skiing and snowboarding in very bright light conditions offers a very similar feeling of using a polarized lens.
Visually it is characterized by a strong mirroring that not only acts as an aesthetic feature, but also performs a real barrier to shield the sun and UV rays.

For what light conditions is recommended?
We recommend using a smoke lens tightly to sunny days very intense. In fact, the main characteristic of the smoke lens is to protect the eye and ensure maximum relaxation with very intense light conditions even for prolonged use.
It can also be used with less intense sunny days while maintaining all the benefits deriving from more intense sun conditions.
Regarding the cloudy weather is a purely personal assessment, since there will be days with cloudy weather and strong light where the mask is suitable, while low light makes the vision very dark, making it more difficult to immediately identify ripples, bumps, bumps and dips.
For fog, snowfall, or night skiing, we do not recommend choosing this type of lens because it is too dark.
The double smoke lens for ski goggles is unbreakable for maximum protection in the event of accidental impacts. The lens is lighter and more impact resistant. The “unbreakable” lens is an essential feature for those who want not only the perfect view of the path from their ski goggles, but also the total security in case of unexpected events.
The smoke lens of ski goggles has anti-fog treatment. This special treatment prevents the formation of moisture on the surface of the lens, which accumulates and generates that annoying fog effect.
The lens is formed by a double lens that acts as an interspace, isolating the external surface from the internal one, reducing the thermal shock, the main factor that generates the misting of the lens. The ultralight and elastic frame is equipped with ventilation holes that, combined with the special composition of the lens, effectively counteract the fogging.
The side wings of the ski goggles with smoke lens allow a better fit with each helmet in trades.
The elastic is adjustable and equipped with a grip insert, which prevents the rubber band from slipping along the surface of the helmet.
Some ski goggles with smoke lenses, called GARA, are equipped not only with the smoke lens of an additional transparent lens. This allows you to use the ski goggle with smoke lens even at night, fog, snowfall or cloudy weather simply by interchanging the supplied lenses.


For those who use prescription lenses?
For those who use prescription lenses for ski goggles with smoke lenses, it is possible to insert a special removable universal sight clip that will be used as a real eyewear inside the mask. Which allows any type of visual correction.

Click here for more information on the Universal View Clip